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Niles the Adolescent

Niles is almost two now. This means he is a teenager and like most teens he likes spending time on the couch.

Growing Up

Niles passed his first coming of age milestone. He experienced his first grooming. Niles moved from being a rather hairy wild child to a suave and debonair young adolescent. He turned 6 months old on October 28 th.

Small Packages

This is Niles. He is my retirement present to myself. I looked at puppies for a year waiting till I retired so that I could be at home with him. He was worth the wait.


For so long much of my life’s journey was focused on becoming the best that I could be in my field of endeavor. Now, some 35 years later there is no more to become in that area. It feels odd. There is the me that the world sees, an aging old woman but within that is not how I know myself. As I stand on this balancing point between what was and what can become I choose to leap off the edge and begin a new becoming journey for this next point of my life.


New Beginnings

It is the 12th Night, the last day of the twelve days of the Christmas season. It is also a time to begin a new season, the season of the rest of my life. This is the year I will retire, after 34 years, from my vocation in education. This will be the year I begin the new vocation of my body, mind and spirit. I have been contemplating about it for awhile but now I will begin to actively plan and implement actions to begin this new life song.

Welcoming The New Year

In the last remaining days of 2012 I came to the sudden and unsettling realization that all my various craft stashes and projects had taken over my home. There was yarn, fiber, pine needles, spindles etc everywhere. I did not want my new year to begin on that note so Charles and I girded our loins and rolled up our sleeves and took on the cleaning and reorganizing of the living room.

Now on this New Year’s morning I can move forward having conquered my space able to take on my life…